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Screenshots of Navy Gunner Defense Warrior 3D
  • Navy Gunner Defense Warrior 3D
  • Navy Gunner Defense Warrior 3D
  • Navy Gunner Defense Warrior 3D
  • Navy Gunner Defense Warrior 3D
  • Navy Gunner Defense Warrior 3D
  • Navy Gunner Defense Warrior 3D
  • Navy Gunner Defense Warrior 3D
  • Navy Gunner Defense Warrior 3D
  • Navy Gunner Defense Warrior 3D
Description of Navy Gunner Defense Warrior 3D (from google play)

During WW 2 one enemy helicopter squadron has infiltrated alliance air space and is targeting their main naval base. The entire navy base is on high alert and making preparation to stop the invaders. In this epic navy WW 2 first person shooter game the most important duty falls on the shoulders of our turret gunner specialist, whose job is to stop the invading helicopters from entering the base in this fierce battle shooter. If a single bogey enter the premises it will target the command center and if the command center falls everything is over in this modern gunner warfare - US navy shooter commando. In this action packed, adventure filled game as a turret gunner specialist you have only one job and that is to protect the command center with all might. This naval base is the key location for the alliance strategically and geographically. It is the last line of defense for the alliance's border so, if the base is taken over then enemy can infiltrate the allied countries and this gruesome war will shift heavily in their favor so fight to survive. Strategically this base is very important as it provides entry to the allied forces into the battlefield. It also play an important role in the distribution of food and weapon supplies to the allied forces across the globe in this epic war.

Due to the importance and value of the location, command center has positioned their best soldier as the gunner specialist that is Captain James of division elite special unit. He is a veteran and skillful warrior in the allied force navy. He is battle tested and battle hardened and played an important role in many important missions for the country as a special elite igi frontline swat commando killer of Special Forces group. He is the best marksman and weapon specialist they have but this mission is the most important and difficult operation of his life. Whole alliance is depending on him to get them through this crisis. Gunner room is laced with the best turrets in the world that can take any target out. James has only one job shoot down anything that moves. There is a wide variety of gunners available according to mission requirement. Single barrel, double barrel and Gatling turret gunners are at your disposal. Upgrade them and use them to complete your mission at any cost. The whole naval base is depending on you, destroy enemy helicopters and declare yourself the victor in modern gunner warfare - US navy shooter commando.

Enemy has also realized the importance of the location and in order to invade it they have sent their best gunship helicopter squadron lead y their best pilot in this rival's assault. They have also realized the potential of the gunner towers and the scale of retaliation from the allied forces. In order to counter it they have sent their best gunship helicopter squadron which is undefeated in battle. These gunships are laced with the latest weaponry and in the hands of the best pilots they have. They attack patterns are unbeatable, they are the masters of stealth and deadly attacks. Coordination between the squadron is top notch. This is the war between the best of best on both sides. Our turret gunner specialist will have to fight technically and efficiently in order to stop these deadly aerial assassins in this thriller action packed fps game. Fight, kill, survive and destroy all the gunship helicopters and win this for ultimate supremacy to prove once and for all that you are the best turret gunner in the world.

Features of Modern Gunner Warfare - US Navy Shooter Commando:

- Max Shooting and Critical Overkill Strike
- Action Packed, Adventure Filled FPS Game
- Navy FPS Gunner - WW 2 First Person Shooter
- Tactical Battle Simulator
- Modern Military Weapons
- Latest Action Adventure Game of 2018

Version history Navy Gunner Defense Warrior 3D
New in Anti Aircraft Corps 1.0
- New level added- Bugs fixed- Gameplay Improved- Game crash issue fixed
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